Summer news!

Kristineberg2009 kopia

We have now built a new ice cream kiosk in Oxelösund, where you whatever the weather can always enjoy a glass or two!

As usual, we offer a wide range of catering and baked to order, perfect for your company meeting or party! Contact us for more information and requirements.

We also sell our delicious homemade bread over the counter, as well as sauces, herrings, smoked prawns, etc.

This year we also run ”Systrarna Brådhe’s Cafe” in the port of Nävekvarn. There we serve food, sandwiches, homebaked and ice cream, and we have full rights!
Opening hours every day from 11:00 am to at least noon 19:00.

Warm welcome to us, both to Oxelö Krog in the Old Oxelösund and to our new Systrarnas Brådhes Café in Nävekvarn!

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