cafe and seaside restaurant in Old Oxelösund, Sweden

Enjoy homemade food in an idyllic archipelago setting with views over the islands and boatlife. The old sailor pub is beautifully situated in the old Oxelösund, surrounded by an environment that is conserved since the 1920s, with beautiful old houses and archipelago views.
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Opening Hours

All day of the week

kl.11:00 - 19:00

Catering - Lunches, CONFERENCES, DINNERS

We accept reservations for day conferences, lunch and dinner orders by appointment even when we're closed.

Please contact us for a tasty experience in an unbeatable setting!

For your gathering

  • 95 SEK

We think the time is there to be stretched a little, and therefore we often let the weather and visitors decide how long we stay open. When you see that our flag still is in the top, then we are still open and you can get you a piece to eat or drink.



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